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Unique Woodcraft

*All prices include postage and packaging within the UK*

Each birdhouse is unique not only in design but also in its function and is ready for years of outdoor enjoyment.

The birdhouse is handcrafted using quality birch laminate and hardwood. It has the function to turn on the bracket to face the desired outlook and the roof can also be removed for easy cleaning. 

   Supplied with the birdhouse is a bespoke bracket and a stainless steel fixing kit.

Unique family tree

Each part of your family can be incorporated into the design, linked together with an interlocking base. 

The birds are supplied with the tree but retain their freedom, enabling you to place them where you would like.

As the birds are made from hardwood the grain may vary.

Please contact me for details. 

Unique family tree.jpg

The Jarvis Collective

Each character is created a little different with wood, bolts, springs, washers, screws, etc. Additional details may be added to help build character. Each one is finished with natural oil to keep the wood smooth and has its name on the sole of their foot.


Please note! These are NOT suitable as a toy or for use with young children as small parts have been used in the making.

 There is a lovely bit of back story to this unique group of characters... Every character has a piece or two of an old piano... A few years ago, I had the task of disassembling an old piano in a house that was the home of an elderly lady called Margaret. Margaret had passed away peacefully at the wonderful age of just over 100 so now her old piano sat there all alone and had to be removed as the house had to be sold. I had to take the piano apart as it would not fit through any of the doors (still to this day I don't know how they got it in). Anyway, I got to keep many bits and pieces from the old piano, for Margaret had so much history to her and she had sat there playing that old piano for decades so I just couldn't just throw them away and now that old piano lives on in a new form.  Margaret's last name was Jarvis, hence 'The Jarvis Collective'.

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